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Roller Covers And Frames – All Covers are Not Made the Same!

Rooftop Supplies is your one stop shop for all things roller covers and roller frames!  Our nap is fused onto a 1-1/2” diameter 2-ply polypropylene core.  These covers are the best that commercial roofing contractors can use for applying adhesives!  We have tested many imports over the years, and they simply cannot do the job.  All of our covers are USA made!  Or maybe you prefer a phenolic core cover for your project?  We stock these as well!  And for all of the epoxy flooring contractors out there – we stock a full line of shed-resistant roller covers as well!

Depending on your specific application, Rooftop Supplies has the right roller frame in stock for you.  Yes, we have nearly 20 different roller frames in stock and ready for same day shipment!  All of our frame options are the ‘right quality for the job’.  What does this mean, exactly?  If it is a one-time use frame you are looking for, you obviously need a low cost option, but it still needs to be sturdy enough to last through your one-time use!  If you are a contractor who takes great care in all of your tools, then our ‘HD’ and ‘Premium’ options are your best bet.  Visit our website, for more information!